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We appreciate the uniqueness and complexity of each project that is guided by dedicated architects and masons. Buechel Stone is committed to be a resource for all those involved in each project and offers all the necessary educational tools to take you from start to finish.

With this thought in mind, Buechel Stone has developed an Architectural Center for all of your specifying and design needs. Using the Citrix ShareFile format, you can log in and get the most information about Buechel Stone's products all in one location. Download high resolution swatches for your project details, create customiziable 3-part specs, view product test data, and also get access to our full, 300+ page architectural binder in pdf format. If you do not have log-in information, email Holly and she will set up your account. Include your e-mail address, first name, last name, and company. Buechel Stone will not share your information with any other party.

Although it's not quite as comprehensive as our Sharefile Architectural Center; designers - architects, engineers, students can click to our CADdetails microsite (button above) to download high quality design files including 2D cad drawings, BIM models, specifications, videos and related documents. The CADdetails program is developed specifically for design professionals with the goal of getting manufacturer-specific product information into their working plans.

For those most familiar with the Autodesk programs, another option would be to find, preview, and download high quality wall detail DWG files and Buechel Stone specific BIM content from our manufacturer page on BIMobject, or uploaded into the content library provided with Revit Architecture. All of Buechel Stone's full and thin veneer products, along with our cut stone colors, are sorted in color tone - pattern collections in Autodesk. Finally, we also have active content libraries in both Chief Architect and SketchUp's 3D Warehouse.

You can also upload blueprints and shop drawings below:


Please review the following information and if you need anything beyond what you find here, don’t hesitate to call or Contact Us. We are committed to make working with Buechel Stone easy.

Buechel Stone Corp. acknowledges that evolving and understanding new technologies is integral to growth. We apply this understanding to our partners as well as our own business.

  We offer three different AIA certified courses that meet Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) criteria. 

Log on to our Architectural Center for more details. 

You can request more information here.

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The plans of an architect or an interior designer coupled with great stone products, are only as good as their installer. We live for happy customers and beautiful examples of projects done with Buechel Stone. It’s this interest in customer satisfaction that has driven us to create resources for you to ensure a quality installation.

Check out one of our installation guides below, or watch our short video on Thin Veneer Stone installation.

Weep System
Buechel Stone’s weep system is a safeguard against mold and mildew. The system creates a division between the masonry and their structural back-up walls. Any moisture present is diverted into a percolation system that allows it to travel down to the weeps at the base of the wall and away from the stone. From there the water is directed and vented to effectively minimize the chance of mold and mildew growth.

Buechel Stone is a leader in the Natural Stone Industry and uses the latest technology that is incorporated in the natural stone installation process.

Below are a few of the tools that we have created to guide you through the process. For more details log on to our Architectural Center

Instructional Video
Natural Thin Veneer Masonry

Installation Videos
Thin Veneer - Transition, Block to Framing with Cladding
Full Veneer at Bottom of Wall
Full Veneer - Run to Grade
Full Veneer - Window Detail
Full Veneer - Run to Grade, Side View
Thin Veneer - Transition to Cladding
Thin Veneer - Run to Grade
Thin Veneer - No Footings of Foundation
Full Veneer - Transition to Cladding
Thin Veneer - Transition to Stucco

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Cleaning Natural Stone
The integrity of a project has as much to with the design as it does the execution. We consider it so important, that we stress it several times throughout this site. The more you know about how to protect your investment, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy it. Despite its incredible strength, the reality is that the use of the wrong chemicals or solutions can compromise the appearance and composition of natural stone. Buechel Stone is not responsible for any damages resulting from improper cleaning and care of our products.

Please note: Cleaning must be executed with the lowest concentration of cleaners to water. The lower the pressure you use, the greater the protection against potentially adverse effects to the finish. The pressure afforded with a garden hose is sufficient. Address removal of mortar and construction dirt within 3 days of construction.

Cleaning/Maintenance Guides
Cleaning Summary
New Construction Cleaning
Surface Alterations
Recommended products and dilution rates:
-ProSoCo brand cleaners
-Sure Klean® Vana Trol® - 1 part cleaner to 10 parts water
-Sure Klean® Burnished Custom Masonry Cleaner - 1 part cleaner to 3 parts water

1. Pre-wet the surface with water
2. Dilute the cleaner in the lowest possible concentration to clean the stone
3. Test a small inconspicuous area first
4. Apply the cleaning solution by brush or low volume, low pressure sprayer
5. Allow the cleaner 5 minutes to work before removal
6. Softly scrub the surface with a soft nylon bristle brush
7. Rinse the scrubbed area with garden hose strength water

It is best to avoid cleaning of products containing weatheredge. If cleaning is necessary, use nothing stronger than a mild detergent such as Tide®.

Sealing Natural Stone
There are several benefits to sealing natural stone with high quality sealers: use as a protective water repellent, protective stain repellent, graffiti control, and color enhancement. 

Please note that some sealing products may alter the final appearance of the stone, so Buechel Stone recommends testing a sample piece before complete application. Another simple way to determine if you would like color enhancement to your stone is to use a small spray bottle filled with tap water and mist the stone. Although these results will not be identical to the sealers, it will give you a visual of the stone with a “wet look”.

Download Information
Color Enhancement
Graffiti Control
Protective Water Repellents
Protective Stain Repellents
Protective water repellents - ProSoCo Brand products:
Sure Klean® Weather Seal Natural Stone Treatment will not alter appearance of stone

Sure Klean® Weather Seal Blok-Guard® & Graffiti Control
- will give stone a wet look

Stand Off® Paver Enhancer
- will give stone a wet look

Protective stain repellents - ProSoCo Brand Products:
Stand Off® Stone, Tile, & Masonry Protector
- will not alter appearance of stone

When Stand Off® Stone Tile, & Masonry Proctor is applied and something spills or sets into the stone, use Stand Off® All Surface Cleaner to remove the stain in the following dilution rate: 1 part All Surface Cleaner to 10 parts fresh water.

Graffiti control - ProSoCo Brand Products: Sure Klean® Weather Seal Blok-Guard® & Graffiti Control - will give stone a wet look

Graffiti removal - ProSoCo Brand Products: Defacer Eraser® Graffiti Wipe Sure Klean® Fast Acting Stripper

For removal of Graffiti, it is best to test a small area first to make sure the removers do not alter the stone. Results will not be as effective if the stone was not sealed with a graffiti control sealer.

Color enhancement - ProSoCo Brand Products: Sure Klean® Weather Seal Blok-Guard & Graffiti Control - averages 50-75% darkening Stand Off® Paver Enhancer - averages 25-50% darkening

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Natural stone has always been an environmentally sound option, and industry guidelines offer even greater assurance that our practices are managed with the environment in mind. Buechel Stone’s use of the land is done with a long-term strategy to return the quarried land to its natural state.

Other benefits:
-Network of resources to accommodate LEED project materials if required.
-Low energy requirements for producing our products.
-Natural Thin Veneer reduces the environmental impact, using more face area per ton of stone than full veneer.
-Our waste is re-purposed into construction-grade gravel.
-We use 100% recyclable plastic for our Natural Thin Veneer packaging.
-All water used in fabrication is recycled and reused.
-Buechel Stone branded weep systems make sure your project is free from moisture, mold and mildew.
-All of the equipment we use in the quarrying process is on a closely monitored maintenance program ensuring the emissions that are generated in the quarry process minimal.
-Producing the various stones we sell involve splitting and sawing with minimal effects on the environment.
-Not only do we offer a product that can be recycled, but it is a product that has been frequently recycled long before the “Green Movement”.
-The life of a quarry can be 100 years plus, but when we are done with the land it is reclaimed to its natural state with ponds, native grasses and trees.
-The processes Buechel Stone uses to quarry our stone have minimal impact on the environment and provides a construction material that may help the project obtain the LEED Certification that you are looking for.

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-AIA Certified Classes
-Installing Your Stone
-Stone Maintenance
-Green Related Data


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